Thursday, 24 January 2013

Adaptation: The Kundan Chilli-Nettle

For the style of the garden, I am looking at different forms of Indian art.
The first one that I looked at was Kundan art
It's the art of putting enamelled mirrors in gold. It is seen more in jewellery these days in India as it is the 'costume jewellery' equivalent of diamond studded jewellery.
It was used to adorn mirrors in the palaces of Northern India during the Mughal rule.

I applied the kundan style to a plant called the Cajophora Lateritia or the Common Chili-Nettle

So this is what I got:


  1. I love the jewelled flowers/plants concept!! Reminded me of these -

    Definitely think you should continue with this!

  2. Oh my god! These are beautiful <3
    Thank you, Lydian =)

  3. Hey Le - I can tell you're excited about this project - and that's fab, because I want it and you to be wonderful! :) If I were you I'd also start trying things out in Maya - I don't know, just taking some simple sample forms and using different combinations of painted textures and shaders and glows etc to be-jewel them! Rather like when ceramicists create glaze tests even before they've created their objects:

  4. Hello, Phil. Yes, I shall get working in Maya as well =)