Monday, 14 May 2012

Modeling: Levels

These are the levels all modeled with the characters.
In the G2 Function Level I experimented with making it a 3D level (Image 5)

Image 1: G1 Function
Image 2: Synthesis (1)
Image 3: Synthesis (2)
Image 4: G2 Function
Image 5: G2 Function in 3D mode

Thursday, 10 May 2012

2D to 3D

To me, the game Doom 2 is a good mix to 3D and 2D imagery. In the switch between 2D and 3D mode, I thought that maybe it can change to a first person shooter game. That's just a thought but I just looked at these .gif to see the mixture of the 8-bit and 3D world.

The Decision

I found a .Gif image that fits with what I want to do with the levels. I've decided to focus the animation on Interphase. That means that there are three levels and I can concentrate on those. Plus, it has the S phase, which was my favourite level =)

Monday, 7 May 2012


After taking a vote on what colour scheme to use, it has been decided that I shall use the darker colours for the animation. They have an X-ray, I-am-looking-inside-your-body look about them. So that has been decided as of now =)

Also, here are some pictures of Pre Vis in progress.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

The Dark Side of The Cell

Interphase: G1 Function
Interphase: S (Synthesis) Function
Interphase: G2 Function
Mitosis: Prophase
Mitosis: Prometaphase
Mitosis: Metaphase
Mitosis: Anaphase
Interphase: Telophase

The Levels in Flesh

Interphase: G1 Phase
Interphase: S Phase (Synthesis)

Interphase: G2 Phase 

Mitosis: Prophase
Mitosis: Prometaphase

Mitosis: Metaphase
Mitosis: Anaphase
Mitosis: Telophase

Concept Art for Prometaphase

Concept Art for Telophase

Concept for Synthesis Phase

So in this level of cell division, the DNA is synthesized. It is composed of 4 proteins that pair up as Adenine and Thyamine (A and T) and Cytosine and Guanine (C and G). This level is particularly inspired by the game Tetris where the bricks fall from the top of the screen to the bottom. However, these can be moved by Qlo whilst they are falling, in order to pair them up with their counterparts.

I like the first image better as the colours are very strong and it gave me a very 8-Bit feel.

Concept Art for Anaphase