Friday, 11 January 2013

Adaptation: Idea Two

Another idea that I had was for a script from the scripture of Indian Mythology called The Mahabharata. There is a story where the Lord Krishna demands the moon from his mother, Yashodhara. He throws a huge tantrum and finally, wanting to see her son happy, Yashodhara fills a pot with water and places it in the garden of her palace on a full moon night. The water reflects the moon and Krishna believes that he has it and is satisfied.


  1. Wow Le! I like it! I think to use Indian mythology is an absolutely great idea, considering that you are from the same culture. I think that would make it so personal. And I saw some of your research, so as far as I understand you would be more interested in creating environments?

  2. Hey Ernesta =) Oh no, this is confusing xD I do love this idea but I want to do it justice so I might use if for our third year. And yes, I am leaning more towards environments.