Thursday, 24 January 2013

Adaptation: The Glass Leaves of Deogarh

This is the stained glass style. I wasn't to pleased with it. I think that I'm going to keep it for the tree trunks or geometric structures as the patterns in the Indian stained glass windows have a lot of straight lines.
I took the inspiration from a room in a palace in India known as Deogarh Palace. The room is known as the Shish Mahal, which translates as 'The Glass Room'

I used this style on a leaf. As the leaf has very soft lines, I don't think it quite fits. I will, therefore, be using it (as I mentioned above) in the architectural structures in the courtyard.(Art for which, will be uploaded shortly!) I'm going to try making a stained glass tree trunk next and see how that works out.

This is what I got.

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