Thursday, 17 January 2013

Adaptation: The Idea That I Am Sticking With

So after talking to Alan about which idea would be better, I've decided to stick to Idea #2. This is the idea about the story from Indian Mythology where Krishna's mother, Yashodhara, gives him the moon by catching its reflection in a pot of water.
The setting is in a courtyard and there are a lot of plants there. There is a great style that I can adapt. I wanted to make the environment intricate like the patterns used to draw henna tattoos in. I also looked at the style of a few illustrations of Barefoot Books. The slightly raw, painted look to it reminded me of the tapestries that depict most of the Indian myths.


  1. I know you really loved the other idea, but I feel this will be just as impressive :) I like the style you're heading for. I've got a few links you might want to look at :)
    (I don't know if they'll be any good but just thought they were worth a look!)

  2. haha so eventually you chose your second idea, absolutely fantastic! Wow the painting in the books! I very much like that style!

  3. Thank you Lydia! The links look great =)
    And yes, Ernesta, I am looking forward to making this awesome =)