Friday, 11 January 2013

Adaptation: Idea Three

This one is something that keeps coming back. I am a huge fan of the Inheritance Quartet. Although the final installment to Christopher Paolini's series was a bit of a disappointment, the first book, Eragon is beautifully written and a treat to the reader's imagination.

The story consists of Eragon, the boy who finds himself with a dragon named Saphira and is hurled into a world of responsibility as he becomes a dragon rider- a race of people long believed to have been extinct. Arya, is an elf who assists Eragon in his fight against an evil being called a Shade. That Shade goes by the name of Durza. He became a Shade when he was possessed by dark spirits.

Within the chapters, Paolini describes a Dwarf city of Tronjheim in a mountain called Farthen Dur. There is a giant red rose carved from rubies that decorates the ceiling of Tronjheim's halls.

"The Star Sapphire, or Isidar Mithrim, was a gigantic red gem sixty feet in diameter. Carved to resemble a rose in full bloom, it decorated the ceiling of one of Tronjheim's many halls. It was a crowning glory of dwarven architecture, also called the Star Rose. It was created by Dûrok Ornthrond during the Age of Herran.

During the Battle of Farthen Dûr, Arya was forced to shatter the sapphire, to momentarily distract Durza so that Eragon could deal the Shade a death blow. The dwarves were angered by her action, and refused to move the shards, leaving the wreckage where it fell on the floor of the hall in mourning."(Information from

While reading the latest issue of Wired magazine, I came across a write-up about a 'flower' that stores energy.

I thought of marrying the two ideas. Of the Isidar Mithrim being a powerhouse for the Dwarf city of Tronjheim. I wanted to make a digital set for this.

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