Sunday, 3 February 2013

Adaptation: The Jewellery Box: Marble and Kundan Paisley

To create the concepts of the garden, it was suggested to me to try doing something of a collage. For that, I had to start creating the components of the garden. I decided to start with the leaves. I thought of making the leaves in the shape of the traditional Indian paisley. Adding the designs in different styles of jewellery, I have created the marble inlay and kundan variations of the leaves.



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  1. Hey Le these are looking great :) I love the idea of the leaves in the shape of the paisley -great idea! I liked the maya experiments you did recently too.

    Thinking of vines etc this came to mind -,r:5,s:0,i:111&iact=rc&dur=508&sig=117979100111557842595&page=1&tbnh=187&tbnw=131&start=0&ndsp=39&tx=80&ty=-147