Sunday, 10 February 2013

Adaptation: Environment Concepts

In keeping with the collage idea, I put together some environments in black and white (upon Phil's suggestion) to play with the depth. I also made it in the style of northern Indian paintings- in a way a flat, 2 dimensional tapestry would look.
The setting of the story is in the mountainous regions of India. As a result, there is a lot of fog as well.

These are the first two concepts. More to come! =D


  1. bring it on, Le - these are exciting - but I'd suggest too using less complex forms as components too and layering up the complexity - but this is great to see you start thinking much more about spaces and creating space, because obviously the thing about surface pattern is that it can often defeat space, because it makes every surface compete for visual priority - so maybe doing some experiments with maya box sets and z depth etc. could also prove useful in terms of organising your world.

  2. They look like Indian Daleks :)
    ..... Quick tell Steve

  3. Thanks, Phil =) Yes, I shall get on that.
    Nat! I was thinking the same thing as I made them xD I shall inform him, haha