Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Adaptation: The Jewellery Box: The Engraved Lotus

I also wanted to try the method of engraving patterns upon brass, but I did this with a coloured surface.

So this is the result of my experimentation:

The variation in colours put me in mind of weathered brass and copper.


  1. hey Le,

    I'd really like to see you working a bit more 'spatially' now - i.e using shapes to create spaces. I'd also work in black and white when you start to create, to ensure the structure is working.

  2. Hey Phil,
    Yes, I shall get working on it. I just wanted to get some components sorted.
    To spaces! =D

  3. I very much like these textures Ley, Hower it feels that it's loosing it's shape, it feels like you can put more detail first and then put these textures, which would look absolutely amazing!