Monday, 18 February 2013

Adaptation: The Garden Who Was A Dreamer

At my last tutorial, I was told to think about the 'who' of my environment as opposed to the 'what'.
This posed a dilema as I have a clear idea as to what I want the garden to look like but I hadn't figured out how it was supposed to make the audience feel.
I thought about it and realised that I wanted the garden to be highly chaotic. I wanted it to be eccentric. When a person walks through it, I want them to feel disconcerted but in a good way. Much like how one feels when looking at images full of pattern. I want it to be a happy experience but one full of strong emotion. Much like the character of Angela from Christopher Paolini's Inheritence book series.
I then related the garden to have the personality of a fortune teller- The garden would be a person who is beautiful in her own way. She has a mind full of life. There are many different thoughts going through her head at a particular point. She is never not thinking about something.
Looking at her and being in her company sparks up many emotions but not those of fear or caution.

Here are some references I found to work with giving my garden the personality of a fortune teller who is always in a partial state of dreaming.

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