Thursday, 27 October 2011

What if...

In The Lost world by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the dinosaurs are just discovered. In fact, the story revolves around the survival of the humans when put against the prehistoric creatures and also, of the visiting scientist trying to prove the existence of these creatures.
What's bothering me is how the creatures came into existence in the first place.

Scenario 1A: The native Indians have quarantined that bit of the island due to 'superstitious reasons'. What if (TM) a group of Indian scientists traveled abroad and learned the art of genetic engineering and then returned to their homeland only to discover the fossils of prehistoric life. They then use traces of some fossilized secretions to reproduce certain creatures. Sounds highly convenient though.

Here are some thumbnails that I drew which can be applied to Scenarios 1A and 1B:

Note: I progressively cracked an egg (one I drained out prior to doing so) so that I could get a reference as to how I would draw a hatched egg.
There is also a lot of description regarding the narrow trickle of light from the thick foliage of the trees.
Fig 1 Singular Growth Plot with the substratum of the egg attached to the roots of the trees

Fig 2 Growth Plots

 Scenario 1B: The Indians took a keen interest in caring for these creatures. They 'grew' them in assigned slots with their earthly magic and scientific knowledge in eggs and 'wombs' by asking the trees and the elements for their energy and life force.
This concept is similar to that of the Menoa Tree of Christopher Paolini's Eldest from The Inheritance Cycle. It is also seen in Avatar and The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis.

Scenario 2: Temporal fluctuation has caused the timeline of this region to slow down and thus causing the dinosaurs to exist while the rest of the world moved forward.

Scenario 3: In Native American Lore, The Magic of Chaos uses the elements to harness certain supernatural powers in human beings. This 'prehistoric' region may have been the ritual site for these practices many years ago which caused the climatic characteristics to remain the same as those in the time of the dinosaurs which lead to their gradual existence.

Fig 3 Native Indian ritual poles for energy harnessing and strings of fireflies

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