Saturday, 8 October 2011

Hand Study!!

Here are the images of the drawings I did during a hand study. They get progressively better and the last one is my favourite. It's funny how weird a hand can start to look after one has been observing it for long. It seemed as though I was looking at an alien life form and drawing it so that I may show all of my friends afterwards.

I apologise for the colour difference of these photos. The last one clearly didn't get the memo.


  1. Hi Urvashi, good to see you transferred ok! If I can help with anything (except maya!) give me a shout,

  2. Hey Urvashi,

    Phil has asked me to be your mentor this year! Sounds grand, but it basically means I'll be around on your blog alot and happy to give help & advice!

    Coming from a transfer is going to be hard, but there must be a very good reason for it so I hope it will also feel liberating and creatively inspiring. You've got a fantastic animal and you're initial work is looking fantastic! It'd be great to see some rougher, more instinctive sketchs, as you continue to research your animal.

    These sketches here also look great, I particularly like the last one, there's something very natural about it!

    Do say hi if you see me in the base room, look for the tweed flat cap!


  3. Thanks you guys =D
    I will be sure to consult you with anything.