Monday, 31 October 2011

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In the region of Cherrapunji in South India, the local tribes create bridges out of the roots of the trees that surround water bodies. These bridges take about 5-10 years to create and are virtually indestructible.

I want to show signs of human life in my space with the use of nature. The manipulation of plant life, to me is a subtle way of hinting human presence in the forests where the dinosaurs and other creatures were 'grown'

Reference image
Root Bridge thumbnails


Also, there are trickles of light in the forest. The floor of the river is visible when it is surrounded by dense vegetation. There are some dark and light patches in the water. (Dalmatian river) This occurs due to the lichens that grow under the water.
The colour and translucency of water
There is always the recurring willow tree curtain. That has stayed strongest in my mind. If I am to picture a forest that is alive, I cannot imagine it with anything else rather than a willow tree. There is something very maternal and feminine when one looks at the willow tree.

The South American tribes also maintain a deep respect for fireflies. One of their 'sayings' include the words "It is a flash of a firefly in the night.The breath of a buffalo in the winter"
So I intend to include fireflies wherever possible.
Light and orchids

Another thing is trees that look like rocks. The living stone or Lithops were an inspiration for this. That and the Pride Rock from Lion King, funnily enough. I want the region to look like a transition between rock and trees.

Bits of trees that look like rock

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