Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Unit 2: Space =D

This is highly exciting. I am itching to begin work. Well, I was itching before I began so I began and now here we are.
The book that I have received as my 'script' for my concept art is The Lost World by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The plot circles around a journalist named Edward Malone who accompanies a scientist by the name of Professor George Edward Challenger in order to prove Challenger's claims on having discovered an island somewhere in South America where dinosaurs still exist. Did someone say Jurassic Park? (Cool! Next Summer Trip!)

The excerpts contain a lot of detail regarding the flora and fauna of the Amazonian rainforests. There are minor descriptions of the landscapes as a whole but the life forms are described rather vividly.
This is absolutely amazing because it gives me quite a bit of freedom to conceptualize (articulate the word for awesome emphasis).
There was a part of the excerpt that had the words 'Gothic Upward Curves' to describe the trees in the forest. I looked up some Gothic architecture for referencing where there are a lot of grotesque but strangely beautiful lines that form a wonderful lattice framework.Even certain Baroque architecture was reminiscent of 'Upward Curves'

Below is a picture of three thumbnails of a forest river. The script mentions drapes of leaves covering the entrances of the forests. As a result, I diverted my attention to the willow tree and it's amazing shielding abilities.
Willow Tree being a cool Willow Tree
One point perspective thumbnails of forest scenes as viewed from a canoe. 

The St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague was what I looked at to satisfy my mind's creative urge to express what I thought Gothic plants would look like.

St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague. 

The thumbnails of foliage inspired my Gothic architecture

So this is what I have started out with. There will be loads more to arrive. Any Comments/ Suggestions would be more than welcome.

End of Line.

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