Monday, 10 October 2011

So the animal that I am meant to be splicing myself with is an
Ophiophagus Hanna or a King Cobra.
Here are the two ideas that have come to my mind. Since a cobra does not have any appendages, there isn't much of that aspect to work with. What really fascinates me though is the fact that this snake has infrared vision. I'm giving myself some of that.
So. The first idea was the obvious 'naga' approach or as I would like to call it, The Mermaid Syndrome (that might actually be a
thing in actuality). The Naga translates into Serpent from the Sanskrit language.

We shall name this one Bob

Concept one

Anatomy of a 'Naga'

The second one I had in mind is this who shall be called Bill

I did like Bill at first but then it didn't come across as elapine to me. It looks more like a lizard. Plus, the tail is practically vestigial and that is not the case with the Cobra. There is just too much going on

I might just go with Bob as it has a certain simple elegance to it. The most dramatic aspect of a snake is it's exoskeleton.

Scales are going to be the dominant characteristic of this creature. Reptiles also have a lot of membrane action going on so I thought that the fingers would me joined by a membrane to make them webbed. The human condition in which this occurs is called syndactyly.

I looked at Mystique from X-men purely due to her epidermis. There is nothing reptilian of serpentine about her. I liked how the scales only covered certain bits of her and the other bits of skin are smooth and even. Lord Voldemort is part of it because of the nose and the baldness of the being as the snake genes would be more dominant as snakes tend to have 74-78 chromosomes and humans only have 46 chromosomes.

So Bob might just be the way to go.

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