Tuesday, 11 October 2011

And then there was life (drawing)

Today at life drawing we were to draw quick two minute sketches of the model in various positions.
Here is what my drawings turned out to be:

After that, we had to use the pencil-measurement (I don't know what it is called) method to make an accurate drawing of the model. I decided to use charcoal this time as I thought the marking is more distinct and the lines look more fluid.

What I ended up doing was just marking the model's head size onto the paper to compose guides for the drawing of the rest of her body and then I just used my own judgement to create the drawing.
It came out a bit disproportionate with the figure looking a bit like an elf whose head has been attached to a human's body.

Here is round two where I used guidelines and the other bits that lead to accuracy (or something very close to it) and this is what I got

I liked this one much better as I thought it was more accurate compared to the previous one, though it does have it's flaws.

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