Sunday, 5 February 2012

Story Idea 2: Doon-ed to be on Earth?

Doon is a member of the Mannequin species from outer space. His ship has crash landed in a restaurant and is stuck there. The restaurant does not want it to leave because it isn't very popular and it finally has something cool and unusual to get it noticed by the others. Doon needs to get the restaurant to let go of his spaceship so that he can get home.
He tries everything from getting a massive feather to tickle it, to trying to get it to float away in a massive bubble, getting the big bad wolf to blow it away ,using 'restaurant dissolving' acid , using a massive pair of tongs to extract the ship.He even tries demolishing it but the restaurant just dodges it. Talk about "badass"
Fed up, he orders a dynamite and setting it to restaurant destruction mode, places it in the restaurant. The dynamite explodes, the restaurant is scorched but the engine of the spaceship is ignited and the rocket launches and takes off without Doon.

This story is more on the comical side rather than the previous one (Creator) which is more on the dark side. It's applying for it's Sith title soon.

Do let me know what you think.


  1. I do like this and even though I want to lard I just can't if that makes sense? It seems to me as if its missing something but Im not sure what? It really reminds me of Loony Toons so maybe you should have a look at them to see if you can add anything or take away something that would allow this to really it the hearts of the viewer :) I love the idea of him trying and trying to get it to move and even him being left behind, I think its just the restaurant thing as you mention it then it just gets left at the side line kind of thing? But anyway I prefer this idea a lot more! Keep it up lass. :)

  2. Thanks Michael! I actually had The Roadrunner Show in mind when I got this idea. I agree with you. There is something missing and it feels like the restaurant needs a bit more personification. I shall work on that. =)