Thursday, 2 February 2012

Generation of Story Ideas: Creator

Quin is an eccentric being who is highly fascinated by the ideas of the creation of life. For a member of the Mannequin species (a bunch of hardy beings who have strong exoskeletons and extensive life spans), he is rather proactive in daily activities. He spends most of his spare time (which accounts for pretty much his entire life) working in the basement of his restaurant Eden, experimenting with organic matter. What better place to have a lab than in the hidden corners of a restaurant, the one place where meat and chemicals can exist and no one gives it too much thought. He almost has it sorted- his latest creation. It is a new species, a revolution. He has all the parts that this creature requires but the spark of life- how does one acquire that? It's available to all of the living but it is just a tad beyond reach.
He has engaged in all his research. He has tried to work with combustible devices that could supply enough energy to run a body. However, each and every one of them requires a container- a shell that prevents it from exploding. The only container that Quin can think of is the body of a Mannequin but that is a bit difficult to acquire without killing a fellow Mannequin. Cursed Law!
Another scientist from a town located a few miles away has devised a brilliant solution to the problem of energy generation. He calls it the Eternal Spark. It is a brilliant device. It looks like a stick of dynamite but it can burn forever. It requires a shell too- an encompassing chamber that will prevent it from exploding and causing damage (such as death)
The Eternal Spark was simple enough to recreate. Quin knew what he had to do. In fact, he had already made a working copy of it in his lab.
After a taxing number of days of engaging in research, Quin finally realized the only option that he had was the one that would work the best.
He placed the Eternal Spark in the Casper Cavity, a region located between the heart and the bowels of a Mannequin. It's purpose has troubled many a Mannequin philosophers to date. But Quin knew what it was for now. It was all so simple.
He wrote a letter to the creature he was about to bring to life. He doubted that he would be able to tell it himself as he would be too preoccupied supplying it with energy towards its existence.
Everything was in place, the Spark was about to be ignited.
There was a surge of energy so profound that even though it caused him excruciating pain, Quin was glad to bear it for there is no greater joy than that of creation.
The creature was almost there, almost alive. All it required was a few more moments of being subjected to Quin's life force.
In the final moments of its creation, the cables snapped with the high amounts of energy. Quin was barely conscious to witness the birth of his creation. He only caught a glimpse of it as it opened its eyes to a fresh new world and picked up the letter that Quin had left there for it to read before everything faded into darkness.
There was a sudden click. Like someone had turned the lights on and everything was suddenly crystal clear. Everything was new and it was all real.
Quin's creature lifted himself from the chair upon which he was seated.  The first thing that he came into contact with was a rough substance made of brightness. It had characters on it. He looked at them with curiosity. He had never seen them before but strangely, he knew exactly what they meant.

They read:

Welcome to Life.

I'm sorry I couldn't be here to deliver this message myself. As you can see, I am otherwise engaged.
You will find things in the room above that you can refuel yourself with from time to time.
I have placed a learning device in your head called a brain. This should get you through most problems if you use it correctly.
Now go. Explore this new world that you are subjected to.
Be careful though.
Since I created you in my image, I shall call you Man.
You are capable of so much and I wish I could be there to see it but we can't all get what we want.

So take care Man. Find joy in the meaning of Life.



P.S. Stay away from the apples.


  1. Pretty crazy story, I like the idea of a mannequin creating man.

  2. Urvashi - you've got one minute remember....


    Hi – please don’t ignore this information – it’s important you order your animation materials NOW – delivery can take up to 3 weeks and you can’t participate in the animation workshops without the requisite materials. (If you’re organized already, ignore this prompt!).

    In the past, students have clubbed together to buy a pack of paper between them so at least they’ve got something to get started with; but trust me on this – you’re going to want a pegbar of your own!

  3. Wow, I can tell from this you are very good at storys and as if you are putting your self in the story, however do not forgot that its a 1 min clip and this ideas seems to be wanting a bit more than that. It also really reminds me of the film '9'. If you have not seem it I have it if you whish to see it or the net of corse, if you are wanting to go down that rout of creation of life idea as it is a good idea though Im not sure if you will proplery be able to relay what you whish in the time given? But a realy good start :) Cant wait for more of your sotry ideas!

  4. What a twist! We must see how we can make it in a minuet!!