Monday, 20 February 2012

@Phil: Story Idea IV

 How about this one?

Tar had watched the restaurant across the street from her spot in the shop window for three years. She yearned to go there every day. She wanted to taste the food the way the humans did. She wanted to feel the joy they appeared to feel every time they filled their mouth with morsels of things edible. Today, she got the news that she would finally be freed from her prison that was this clothing store. She had overheard the owner of the shop talking about the demolition of the building due to its age. The building was meant to be destroyed in two days. This meant that Tar would be taken out of the structure. Then, she would be able to escape.

Two days later, the truck arrived. Tar could see the sticks of dynamite stacked neatly in the back of the truck. She had never been this happy. Soon she would be free and independent. She wouldn't be dressed in the hideous attire that she was always forced to wear. She could hardly wait.

The engineers from the truck got down and began unloading the dynamites. They placed them on the ground near the shop in a stack.
Without noticing, one of the engineers pulled an extra dynamite out from the back of the truck. So the dynamites at the back of the truck stumbled out of formation. Tar watched as the dynamites rolled off of the truck with increasing velocity and head towards the restaurant. An unsettling feeling took hold of Tar. She tried to get the attention of the people outside by banging on the window glass but they were too busy preparing for the demolition. No one cared for a few missing dynamites when they had a truck load to spare.

Outside the restaurant, there stood a few people smoking cigarettes. Engaged in their conversations, they were oblivious to the presence of the dynamites on the ground. Having finished smoking his cigarette, a man dropped the butt onto the ground and went back inside the restaurant. It bounced of the ground and landed dangerously close to a dynamite. He had forgotten to stub out the cigarette. It was still lit with a slight glow. A glow that was powerful enough to light the end of the wick of the dynamite.

Tar watched in horror as the wick lit into a flame. Everything around her slowed down.

The dynamite exploded. It caused the other dynamites around it to explode as well. Part of the restaurant came crumbling down. There was ash and rubble on the street.
Tar stood in her window and watched as her dreams were destroyed. She could only watch helplessly as the world around her came crashing down.

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  1. I know your waiting for Phills approval for your ideas buts its getting very late in the game now. Maybe you should either be direct to Phill and ask him upfront about your idea, though I'm sure he properly going to stop and go quite soon as he always dues so maybe you should make a started? I know you have your character sorted and that but what about sounds? story board? to which you need to make into a film and then the pre-viz. thats a lot to do in one week. Im not trying to put pressure on you but from my point of viewer its a lot to do and I don't want to see you stressing your self in the last cupel days.