Monday, 19 March 2012

Unit 5: Animation OGR Presentation #1

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  1. Hey Urvashi,

    I really like what is simple and clear about your story idea - and the moment when the 'paper' crumples is a lovely example of you playing with the potential of your animated universe. However, in terms of staging your idea, I think you need to consider making even more use of the space and taking the decision to work in a very 360 degree way (as opposed to the mid-distance, straight-on set up of shots suggested by your storyboard - like we're watching action on a stage from a fixed point in the audience). Take a look at this wonderful animation for an eye-opener in terms of how you might use the white space of your animation more dynamically:

    So - I like your story, but when it comes to conveying how 'ecstatic' your spinning top is, consider camera angle and staging too - and how you might get your audience to 'feel' the mood of your spinning top.

    In regard to your written assignment - you're going to want to ensure that there is enough 'out there' about your chosen animator - in terms of testimonials, critique etc - to ensure you're writing an evidence-based discussion. In your unit 4 feedback, I ask you to make an appointment with Tracey Ashmore, because there's still much I think you can improve in terms of the ways you approach your essays (including your introduction, which while the example here is a fragment, it's already structured incorrectly....). Urvashi - please take practical steps and seek help to ensure your written work continues to improve.