Sunday, 18 March 2012

The Forms of Story


A spinning-top discovers his ability to spin, only to learn that everything has it's consequences.


Tilt the spinning top rolls horizontally into the frame. He stands up and tries to move about. His first attempt at locomotion is to hop. He begins hopping around and punctures a region on the frame.

He gets stuck in the puncture and tries to get himself out. He twists and turns and then shoots out and lands on the surface whilst spinning. Suddenly discovering that he can spin, Tilt is overcome with joy. Some might even call him ecstatic.

He spins around the frame. Going in and out of the frame. Finally, whilst spinning over the puncture that he created earlier, he gets stuck in it again. He begins spinning rapidly in order to get out but instead, he causes the paper to be swallowed and he gets stuck there.

Step Outline:

The frame is empty and white.

A spinning top enters the frame from the left. It is horizontal and rolls in.

The spinning top stops in the centre of the frame.

It stands up.

It tries to move.

It begins to hop.

It hops around the frame towards the right.

It exits the frame and enters from the left.

Returning to the centre of the frame, the spinning top keeps hopping.

It punctures the floor upon which it hops. (The floor is the paper upon which it is drawn)

The spinning top is stuck in the hole in the paper.

It tries to wriggle out but fails.

The spinning top begins to twist itself out.

It's speed increases.

It shoots out spinning.

It lands on the side of the puncture, spinning.

It is happy with it's newly found  ability to spin.

It begins to spin about the frame towards the right.

It exits the frame to the right.

It re-enters the frame, spinning from the left.

This repeat twice, rapidly.

The spinning-top spins towards the puncture.

It gets caught in the puncture.

It tries spinning out again.

Instead, it causes the paper in the frame that it is in to be swallowed in the puncture while the spinning top is still spinning in it.

The spinning top is stuck in the puncture and cannot get out.

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