Thursday, 8 March 2012

Ideas That I Have For My Story For Unit 5


Adjective: Feeling or expressing overwhelming happiness or joyful excitement.

For a story I thought of having a spinning top that enters the frame rolling in horizontally. It gets up and doesn't realize that it can spin like crazy so it begins to hop. However, as it hops, it creates dents in the paper and then ultimately, it creates a hole in the paper and gets stuck there. He tries to get out and like a cork, he tries to twist himself out of the hole in the paper(ground).
He shoots out of the hole and lands on a flat bit of paper (still spinning) and stops. He is extremely happy with his newly found spinning ability and he spins around the page like crazy. He gets caught in the hole again and twists the paper (the white background) into the hole. This causes him to get jammed and he can't get out.
So he just gives up and sits there.


The other idea I had was the same as the first idea up until the part where he gets stuck in the hole for the second time. Instead of that I thought that the spinning-top would spin around a lot, going in and out of the frame and finally, he turns into TAZ from Looney Tunes (Image reference below)

I don't know if that's okay to do though. Do let me know what you think about this idea.

Thank you!  =D

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