Thursday, 22 August 2013

Work Experience Log: VFestival 2013

It has been a long and hot summer and I am finally done with the work placement at Butch Auntie. Having worked with the studio before on three other projects that taught me so much about projection mapping and animation, the last project for Virgin Media's VFestival was no different.

We started out with briefs involving animal collages and surreal images with bright and bold colours that were extremely evocative.
There was neon signage and eyeballs in light bulbs but finally, what got approved were the images of flowers exploding in a city and their variants.

 Working on this animation gave me a lot of freedom to experiment with Adobe After Effects and I learned some cool new tricks that I didn't know of before.

This time spent working with Butch Auntie also got me inspired for the upcoming projects for my third year at university and I hope that works out well.

This is a video where you can see the work I did for this project...The animation on the wall behind the singer (Who is called Dominique Young Unique, apparently) and the DJs from 2:08 minutes onwards is mine. Let me know what you think! Enjoy!


  1. whoo-hoo! LOVE those banners, Urvashi - sumptuous! Congratulations on a summer's worth of industry experience, creativity and interaction with clients. I hope you're brimming with confidence now and have identified some interesting new directions for your year three projects. Personally, I want to see you really nail your own creative and artistic identity and use Maya in a way that suits you - probably with a big dash of After Effects too. If you want to bandy around some ideas for your minor, drop me an email with a proposal and let's get chatting! :)