Friday, 4 May 2012

Concept Art: G2 Phase

Here is level four of the game. Tell me which version you like best =)

Enter G2 Phase:

Image One

Image Two

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  1. they are both very good. No 2 looks like it is underwater due to the blue and the background (do not know if you meant that) The first oe again is very good but with both I'm not quite sure what and where I'm meant to be looking. you have quite strong colours to which i like but i think they may be the problem. the background is to strong and wipe away everything else thus it blends together. you should play around with the colours i think and try to make it so I know where to look. I do get it after a while though but I think that is due to me knowing what its meant to be. People seeing this for the first time however may not be able to with out an explanation. And i think I'm right in saying this but if you get this just right (which i no you'll be able to do!!) you will not need to explain at all as the image will say it all :) Another thing (please don't hate me for this essay XD ) Im not sure about one thing, are these levels in the DNA it self? I ask this as, i no its your world and that but I'm quite sure where its set. In most games (the old retro one as i presume you game is going to be in that style due to your layout) they have things in the background that define and allow the play to know where they are i.e the sky, underwater, space etc

    But as i said at the beginning i really like both of these :) keep up the good work