Thursday, 3 May 2012

Concept Art for Interphase

Here is the concept art for the level of Interphase that I created. The second image is where I used the inverse option to give a 'photo negative' look to the image. I do prefer the first image due to the colours that it holds. However, the tissue region(stuff that looks like a brick wall/ giraffe skin) in the second one is bold and looks very striking. It also has an 'X-ray' look about it that seems to fit the theme of the game.

Image One

Image Two

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  1. ow i really like these!!!! they remind me of the helicopter game (simple game of up and down while trying to avoid rocks etc) also love the scoring and time system but think about making that bolder as in games (old retro ones) they are bold and do not fade into the background to which these are a little. Be bold! I prefer image one as its something i could see being in a game that is inside the human body, no 2 is something i would presume (if i had no knowledge of your idea) that this was under water due to colour and texture.