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Film Review: Cast Away (2000)

Robert Zemeckis' Cast Away is a scary film. It is scary because it is about a man who gets marooned on a deserted island. It makes the audience appreciate the convenience of living in a civilised society.As reviewer Maryann Johanson states, "Tremendously moving film about the things that make us human, and the things we cling to in order to retain our humanity." Johanson, Maryann. (2000).

Fig 1.
  The film begins with the character of Tom Hanks (Chuck) being a Fed Ex delivery manager. He leaves his fiancee to go on an emergency delivery overseas. Whilst on the plane, something goes wrong and the plane crashes in the water. Hanks is washed ashore an island where he is completely alone. Besides the trees and the underwater fauna, there is no sign of life.
Luckily for him, he has the parcels that he was meant to deliver. He keeps them with him and doesn't open them. This shows that he still has hope of getting off of the island. As the film progresses, however, he begins to open all of them except for one. He keeps that one because it has an emblem on it. He doesn't know what it is or where it came from but it gives him something to look forward to.
Chuck is stranded on that island for four years. He has no way of getting off of it as he has nothing to use as a sail. However, one day, a large piece of plastic washes ashore. This makes a perfect sail.
Chuck fashions a raft from logs and rope that he weaves himself.

Fig 2.
 The character of Chuck is very clever. It shows the quick learning power of the human mind and its survival skills.
A person tries everything in order to stay alive and this film shows that clearly. As reviewer, Shawn Fritzgerald states, "Hanks, perfectly conveying Chuck's fear, anger, pain and desperation as he does all he can to survive." Fritzgerald, Shawn. (c. unknown).
This film also shines light upon the fact the humans do crave for companionship. In order to cope with his solitude, Chuck fashions a companion out of a volleyball (one of the contents of the packages) whom he names, Wilson. He develops a friendship with it and treats it like a friend.
After 4 years, Chuck sets sail for home. On his journey, he loses Wilson. He comes across a shipping vessel and is rescued.

Fig 3.
 Upon returning, Chuck finds out that his fiancee is married to another man and has a daughter.
He realises the importance of being there for a person and decides to return the unopened package to the addressee. On meeting her, he realises that his life has come to a new crossroads and he has many roads on which he can walk.
This film has many metaphors. The protagonist is placed in situations that can be related to life itself. Sometimes just a moment of solitude can help one figure out one's path. As reviewer, Joshua Tyler puts it, "But if nothing else, it takes an old idea and puts it together in a way that is not only believable, but creative as well. This is a film about reality" Tyler,Joshua.(c. unknown).


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