Wednesday, 18 January 2012

@Phil: Final Combination

Here is my final combination of the matte painting and the Maya modelling. The placement of the matte painting is bothering me a bit. It's almost there but I don't know what to do with it.
Any suggestions would be welcome


  1. Hey Urvashi, I don't think it's the matte painting that's taking the edge off this image - it's the lighting; there's not enough of it! You need some fill lighting to add volume and three-dimensionality to your birdcages - light coming from the foreground space (i.e. infront of the picture plane) - The far left is very black and just needs nuancing. Take this time to get creative with lighting - think about colour temperature too - if there were red shaded lamps throwing light from beyond the front of the picture plane or similar, you might get some nice effects - but try a few things; if this was a physical set, I'd be on there with additional spot lights and gobos (look it up) to really make it pop - thing about it - if this was a digital painting, you'd be adding highlights until it looked cool. But - about that matte painting - I don't like the obviously Photoshopped stained glass - I'd get rid of it!

  2. Hi Urvashi, if you want some lighting pointers, hunt me down tomorrow. It is a bit last minute but we should be able to sort something.

    If you want to make an early start then refer back to the lighting tutorials from unit 1 and see how we nearly always started with an ambient light on a low opacity with no shading. Think of this as the ground of your canvas from which to add other lights too.