Monday, 12 December 2011

Online Greenlight Review: Unit Three: Environment


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  1. OGR 14/12/2011

    Hey Urvashi,

    Apologies for the delay! Okay - so, yes I like the birdcages idea, but you need to steer clear of whimsy or high fantasy, or you'll tip over into another sort of impression. There is something strongly surrealistic about your approach, but the artists I think of most vividly when I consider your idea are de Chirico and Magritte - especially Magritte - because of the way in which he uses a very dispassionate, drab, almost mediocre mise-en-scene alongside what is patently peculiar - and its this mundane aesthetic that makes his work pop - it's something to do with his lighting and the flatness of his textures, and I'd encourage you to look closely at his work to see how he's accomplishing his effects; for example:

    In regard to your written assignment; hmmmm - I'm not convinced that steampunk IS uncanny. You need to prove your case, Urvashi. Before you commit to this line of enquiry, I'd like to see a body of evidence in support of this idea. Don't misunderstand me - I'm intrigued, and I'm excited by new territories, but I want some proof... you have your mission!